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Getting Started with Logibate

Logibate is your place on the web to debate!

Logibate is a site designed with debating in mind. Unlike other sites that just provide unstructured comment threads and call them discussions, Logibate provides structure so that debates stay focused on the issue at hand.

Major Concepts

  • Debatables are individual debates. They ask a single question that has a yes/no answer. Different people will have different answers.
  • Claims are points on the "yes" or "no" side of the debate. They should make a single point and do so succinctly.
  • Evidence supports a claim. It can be a website, a book, a published article, or an anecdote.
  • Assumptions are links to other debates, with a choice of either the "yes" or "no" side. For example, a claim that cows should be allowed to vote assumes that cows are capable of voting. If you want to debate the assumption, you can click it and debate it on its own page.
  • Upvotes are your way of indicating that something is a good point. Don't just click it if you agree! If it doesn't make the point well enough but you generally agree, add your own point with a different wording.
  • Disputes are your way of indicating that there is some problem with a point. Don't just click it if you disagree! Consider adding an assumption.


Even though it isn't obvious who has created which points, Logibate keeps track of that information. We know which points people consider helpful and we know which points people consider poorly made. Your Logibate Reputation is computed from a special formula that determines how helpful you are to the community. Don't worry about making unpopular points, as long as you make them well! If you dispute points just because you personally disagree with the conclusion, you will lose reputation and your votes will end up meaning less!

Where to go from here

Go to the search box at the top and type in something that you might be interested in debating. See how the debates are structured. Once you've looked around a bit, see if something you have a particular interest in is currently being debated. If it is, join the debate! If it isn't use the same search box to get started creating the debate yourself!

Your feedback makes us better! Please be detailed and specific.

Thank you for your feedback!